Body image and Self-talk

Summer is here, ladies!!

Let’s hang out at the pool!!

Grab your swimsuit and meet at my place!!

Wait —


I need to be seen in public in my swimsuit?!

I am so not ready for this!!

I meant to work on my beach body this past winter and spring.

But you know….

Tacos, cookies, and cakes, oh my!!!

Pink swimsuit with beach accessories on blue background

It’s that time of year again. Maybe you are ready to go and feel super confident in your body. And that is amazing! You should be! But if you are like me and most women, we feel very self conscious and super exposed when it comes to parading around in a swimsuit, especially in front of other people.

When I am with friends, I don’t mind – I know what they think about me and am super comfortable with them. But when I am around strangers, no matter what the setting is – public speaking, walking, at the pool – I DON’T know what they think of me and my self-consciousness skyrockets.

Our culture celebrates the thin body as the ultimate ideal. We are bombarded by visual images on the covers of magazines, television shows, that perfect Instagrammer you follow, Pinterest…

But, if we could just reframe our focus and celebrate our bodies…

We have been created by our Divine Father. The human body is a marvel. It’s complexity is truly unfathomable.

Maybe you have stretch marks. Your body created and birthed another human being!! Celebrate that!

Maybe you are carrying more weight than you’d like right now because you have been working too much. You are contributing to society and helping out others, doing an important job. Celebrate that!

Maybe you have more wrinkles than you’d prefer. You’ve led a long life and experienced things! Celebrate that!

Maybe you have an illness that has prevented you from being at your ideal weight. Your body is working hard for you. Pamper it!

Very few women will probably ever be completely satisfied with how their bodies look. I see the areas that I hate when I look in the mirror. So I have to remind myself that my body is beautiful the way it is. I am almost 40 (!!!!!!) and realistically, my body will look very different from the way a 20-year-old’s will look.

But, then I think what my body has done for me. I have been blessed to have had a healthy life and switching to a primal lifestyle about 2 years ago now, I will be much healthier for the rest of it. This body I have has helped me to try and make this world a better place through my time as a special ed teacher and now as a health coach. This body helps to teach my girls how to be healthy. This body can do so much more in terms of working out than I ever thought I could do.

I should celebrate it and be grateful for it. Everyday. And enjoy the time I have while I am “young”. Because someday I will be too old to go enjoy an afternoon by the pool. I don’t want to regret little things like that.

I have two girls, 12 and 10. How I act and talk about my body, especially in front of them, is CRITICAL to how they will form their own body image.

We should not be ashamed of our bodies. We should celebrate them! Now, this is not to say that we shouldn’t take care of them. We absolutely should! We need to do the best we can to honor our bodies and take care of them in the best way we can. But while we are on that journey we shouldn’t hide away.


Buddha said “What we think, we become.” (I found that online – who knows if he actually said that. Regardless, it’s a good quote.) If we are constantly talking crap to ourselves, we will manifest it and exude that vibe. It can slowly take over our whole mindset, like a cancer, infecting our whole being.

The converse is true. If we start by focusing on what we DO like about our bodies, that positive body image will take over and will spread to other parts and we will learn to see the beauty there as well.

Beautiful young woman checking her face in a mirror.

Spend some time looking in the mirror and looking at yourself closely. Again, your body might not look the way you want. But look closer – there are some amazing parts.

Your feet take you to work everyday to provide for your family. They are beautiful.

Your hands make food for your family. They are beautiful.

(Insert body part) does something amazing for yourself, your family, or others. It is beautiful.

We all know people who give off positive self-confidence vibes and those who give off negative ones and who we would rather be around. Aim for that positivity in your own life.

A great exercise is to sit down and actually write out a couple of things that you love about your body. Post it somewhere that you can see everyday, such as on your bathroom mirror. Be grateful everyday for the body you have and celebrate it.

You only get one.

Author: primallife360

I am a Primal enthusiast, converting to this lifestyle naturally over the past couple of years. I am passionate about sharing it with others so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

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